Fash Bash In Detroit Matters !

DIA Diego Rivera Mural

Diego Rivera – Detroit Industry

The Louvre in France, my hometown Philadelphia Art Museum and other wonderful places my life has been blessed with visits to created for me both love and determination that my life … Those of my family and others, no matter the circumstances, must include that which the soul feeds on, the heart is gladdened by and the mind made to contemplate other than oneself.  So too it seems was that impetus for the storied Scripps family of Detroit in 1881. Not difficult to understand having felt quite the same visceral compulsion after myself being able to purview the great works of art in museums throughout Europe how James E. Scripps desired to bring home to Detroit part of that grandeur and beauty. After his travelogue, Five Months Abroad  was published  in The Detroit News other well established Detroit citizens were convinced by that newspaper’s editor, William H. Brearly, to contribute toward the establishment of then named Detroit Museum of Art. So you see dear readers as in many American cities, art and culture were the gift by the few for the many … Blessings bestowed and legacies bequeathed a truly American democratic format. Now to maintain such a gift no different than when a family leaves their heirs similar responsibilities. That brings me to 2014 and the Fash Bash at the now named Detroit Institute of Art.

August 2014 Fash Bash lends to frivolity and the lure of  involvement for some otherwise possibly not taken with such venues as an art museum and as such resulting in contribution and participation that benefits all. I have been to fashion shows in many venues … Under rather odd circumstances actually thrilled to say attended Paris Fashion Week in 1991 during the Gulf War period [another time for that typical of my life “oh my” occurrence]. Must say Bravo to Neiman Marcus and the powers that be at Detroit Institute of Art for the idea to have fashion among the greatest works of art is both a pleasure and impetus for seeking beauty in life … Who could resist finery while a Rembrandt, Rubens or Bellini peers from the walls – why indeed one is almost compelled to say “yes, yes, yes” I must have this or that attire in my wardrobe.

How you may be asking did I a lifelong Philadelphia resident become so enamored of the recent DIA fashion event … Well simple answer is I have traveled extensively both domestically and abroad and was brought up to see that everywhere and everything my venue if so chosen. Add to that that my dear devoted husband was born and raised in Michigan and it is our desire as seems now the means will soon be our blessing to contribute toward the historic and currently in need American city, Detroit. I was raised in a family and spent my lifetime being sure to be a part of efforts to lift others not as fortunate to places I myself knew to be of value … My husband was not similarly raised but  taught himself after moving to the East Coast and ending his previous marriage that such was the path to a full life. As the Fash Bash defines both enjoyment and contribution so too is how my husband and I do and always will live. In keeping with that as I told Kate from the DIA when she pleasantly surprised me by calling early one morning this past week, hubby and I with guests along will be [G-d willing] at next year’s DIA Fash Bash … In the best seats of course!!!