More Thinking, Less Reacting!

Always has been an important part of living well and now more than ever in consideration of the many ways we humans can communicate it is a needed way to go about our lives. What is this I am suggesting? It is thinking before reacting and at times thinking instead of reacting to the too often misleading and mostly full of hyperbole ideas those who seek self aggrandizement are messaging to us all. I could easily and with full documentation, in their own words give a few of the names — the names of individuals who obviously do not take the time to review their rants, to be sure of the veracity of what they say or write, who have as their only goal some sort of fame and who care not at all that you, me will be made less happy, less likely to attend to our own lives while using our time to support their own reactionary actions.

Of course there is the personal relationship to taking the time to think before we react in our daily lives. A situation might occur, an interaction with another person happens leading us to push back, act out before REALLY thinking about the facts, about how much or not the situation actually calls for our response. Being prudent, hesitancy seems best — taking a deep breath and always being sure to ask ourselves IS IT, THIS REALLY WORTH MY TIME and ENERGY?

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.


Really Listening Matters!

Are we … Do we … REALLY listening to one another, to our own words and thoughts? Maybe at times we do listen and often in ways that truly matter but it seems more and more the constant noise, the self serving diatribes from all sides leave each of us as individuals without the desire, the impetus to listen carefully. Listening with full attention has always been important — now in these days of so much available real and not real information about every topic it is demanded of us to become skilled listeners!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Morning Gratitude 1, 2, 3

I promise you it works — I tell you from personal experience when you wake up no matter the place or circumstances if you do these 3 things with a feeling of gratitude then every part of that day will be made better. Breath, stretch, think good thoughts!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Thankful is My Vibe!

No matter the place, no matter the situation my every morning wake up vibe is being thankful for that new day … I rise with gratitude during the less than perfect times and during the best of times and then I proceed to do all that is needed with a feeling of appreciation for being alive!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Let the Sun Shine in … And ALWAYS Wear Sunscreen!

Yes indeed always wear sunscreen. 365 days a year including indoors if sitting near windows while working or attending to any/all tasks. My suggestion is meant to be understood both literally and figuratively. One need apply a lotion, a potion of sunscreen to face and all parts of body exposed to all seasons of the sun. There is wisdom in knowing one also needs a figurative sunscreen at all times of day and night — a sort of internal and external preventative care!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Embrace Every Moment!

Yes embrace EVERY moment … The moments doing the most mundane, necessary and even tedious tasks. The moments where the extraordinary demands our attention, the moments of both joy and sorrow. We might not enjoy every moment nor welcome the situation that moment finds us in but we must always be present, be grateful for having that moment to live our life!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Ladder to Success!

No this is not some Pollyanna type diatribe nor is it meant to be a feel good tutorial. What my thoughts are, what I know from observation and experience is this — when we help other people rise up to meet their goals, deal with their life challenges we ourselves are more able to be successful. Exactly how this happens is both simple and complex and many times not easily understood. There is the tangible gains one achieves by helping others and the more intangible or subtle ways we are made more successful through our support of people both near and far in our lives.

There is a saying about it being more important who you know than what you know … Yes this is true to a certain extent but I add to this idea that it is even more important who you gave your time and energy to and who you supported in their lives. Is it always reciprocated? Of course not but what does happen is we as individuals learn the skill needed to be strong enough to take care of own lives while being of service to someone else. There will be times in each of our lives when we are the beneficiaries of our own good will — good people will remember, be willing to help us as we helped them!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. April 2023.