Why They Fought — Memorial Day Goal!

Here in this land of a great and truly unique experiment called democracy, here in a place that continues to be imperfect but not defeated, here where the act of recognizing faults and flaws is an ongoing task, here where so many work hard to better the lives of others, here where ALL peoples are given the idea that anything is possible and then go about making it a reality in their own life. Here where second and even third chances are possible, in this place named The United States of America let it be where joining together as brothers and sisters no matter differences, together in unity is now and forever more the path toward REALLY honoring those who serve on this Memorial Day!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. Memorial Day, May 2023.


Tis Folly We Often See …

Alas it has become too much trouble for many of those participating in our joining together on social media to be prudent in choices … Too much folly and not enough of being sagaciousness in the choice of words, comments and yes even that which occupies one’s time, mind, daily life.

I am 10000000% a modernist, I believe social media can be used for good, for gathering of people who want to better their lives and the lives others — for fun, for ideas and when REALLY and with due diligence reviewed, and documented for important information. The trouble lies in the lack of caution, the too easily jumping on the many bandwagons — no different than in other areas of life where not paying attention, not doing the necessary work will often lead to bad choices.

My often used comparison to the invention of the automobile is something I believe explains well how to manage ourselves and what to demand of others on social media. Cars have given us the ability to achieve many things in life — there is the obvious of traveling to work, school, to various appointments, including to meet with medical professionals leading to improving our health. There are the trips to be with family and friends, errands able to be done because of having a car or other similar transportation. HOWEVER if one drives drunk, sends or reads text messages while driving, is speeding, ignoring stops signs and so on then the car becomes a dangerous weapon.

So it is that I say less folly, more prudence must be the way for each of us on social media!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. April 2023.

Stand Up To Jewish Hate … Stand Against ALL Hate!

Only by standing united, standing strong in defense of everyone — protecting friend and foe equally when they are being harmed will any of us really be safe!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. March 2023.

She Saved The World – What Was She Wearing?

Yes indeed we women know or should know what we wear, no matter who we are, how we live does REALLY matter. Sad in some ways however a true and important fact that we can use to our benefit. Attention must be paid — girls and women must advise and help one another to accept this reality and then make it work for ourselves and for one another.

Fact is a woman scientist if able to develop a cure for all diseases would be admired and receive accolades and even then folks would at times, often be mindful of her attire. Same with women in any leadership position, women in all jobs, every career. It begins as babies and continues our entire life. I say ACCEPT, EMBRACE it and make it work for us — for whatever we care about and seek to accomplish!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. March 2023.

Speaking Yiddish With an Irish Accent!

The history of Jews in Ireland dates back several centuries. The first record, reference of my people in Ireland is 1079 — we are there in “The Annals of Innisfallen”.

Although the Jewish community in Ireland is small in numbers it is a well established and secure community. We have been accepted into Irish life while feeling safe to follow our own faith and customs. We have enjoyed being accepted in Ireland — a feeling often lacking, absent in other nations.

Throughout history there have been well known Irish Jews — some born in Ireland, others coming from families combined. Pride in one’s culture, pride in a combined history is a wonderful part of this world — let us all try to remember that we are all one human family and let’s celebrate our joined journey!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Today everyone is Irish!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. March 2023.