The Honorable Abbott

English is an interesting language, a word can be both a noun and a verb, often a way to describe someone.

My friend, a sister of my heart, Robin Abbot has had both the title and a life where the word Honorable applies. Robin was elected to be a member of the Virginia House of Delegates — as such the title Honorable. My friend is an attorney, a sister, aunt, mother, grandmother & devoted friend.

To love and live with the no matter what attitude is path to happiness, to honor life no matter the sorrow or struggles that everyone experiences sometime in life will lead one to a place of no regrets.

When Robin’s beloved husband died, my husband already ill and dealing with cancer she made the decision to stand at the ready should I need her. Living in different States it meant travel, Robin told me to just say the word, her bags were packed. Again demonstrating her way to honor me as her friend with support and understanding.

We have a relationship which can be sassy, fun, committed to causes we know are important. There are great discussions on serious topics, there is laughter and teasing as well. In everything we make sure to honor the existence of each other and of our friendship.

Faults and failures should never, must never define a person nor should success but instead the answer to the question, has one lead an honorable life and without hesitationI can state that the Honorable Robin Abbott has and always will.

*Photo: My friend, sister of my heart Robin Abbott with President Joseph Biden

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