About Teréza

About Tereza

This my 2nd blog is about my life as a now (2014) 60 year young feminist fashionista. My other blog HeiressMommy.wordpress.com, focuses on politics, history, religion, family, science, current events & such. Here the topics will be lifestyle … yes fashion but also architecture, design, travel & all things that each of should consider part of a REALLY well balanced life.

I hope to offer personal opinion & advice, as well as insight through experts that no matter who we are or where we live, one can cultivate style and a presence that brings both comfort & joy to life. Additionally, through my own many travels a knowledge of other cultures & places … how all peoples have something to learn from in adding to our daily existence. Restaurants, theater, museums & even sports venues will be included as that which should be a source of each of our lifestyle.

Now of course there will be the Oh My must have clothes & shoes discussed. Cosmetics & even medical procedures that one might want to consider as options to feel & look better as well. My family & I joke that my parents parenting mantra was among other philosophies to be ECLECTIC – in keeping with that theme this blog will be just that –  varied and vast in lifestyle topics. Look forward to getting to know my readers – Here we go!!!

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