The Magnificent Breast Cancer Journey — those things not anticipated!

So here it is — when leaving hospital after a one week, one day stay — having had 100% successful Breast Cancer Surgery the task of fetching a necessary ointment lead to a nearly one hour journey. Off my friend Bridget and I went, as usual depending on GPS — she drove, I was busy seat dancing to hip music.

The insurance pre approval had not yet gone through but alas it was a necessary expense and I was grateful to have the funds (nearly $150) for this purchase plus it was leading me to add another part of what is now a project I have already begun working on — which is to make sure all women of all ages have access to everything no matter income that involves their Breast Health — more on that soon.

Friend Bridget and I always, as I do with all friends and family try to add something fun to any task or errand. After this pharmacy pickup it was to have dinner. Not knowing the area we asked the pharmacist assistant, she enthusiastically recommended a close by Italian Restaurant. Off we went, found a place passed down from grandparents to current owner, a lovely woman.

Guess what? Okay I will tell you. Actually three things to tell you. First at the table next to ours a family was celebrating a birthday and when they heard me mention my Breast Cancer Surgeon told us it was the Mom, the Grandmother at their table Doctor. Second thing that happened and this one is very special. The young server helping us is named Mickaela, my beloved husband who died in 2019 was C. Michael. Our server, a wonderful young woman who is now my FB friend is starting Law School this Fall AND here is the amazing third thing that happened – when the owner heard about my being at her restaurant to celebrate my successful Breast Cancer surgery she sent over a gift card – yes I thanked her and yes I cried tears of communion, communion with another woman, with all people!

Signed Me, Teréza #BreastCancerWarrior

Change the Narrative, Change the World!

From ancient times to these modern days and maybe even more important than ever, words that create the narrative matter.

How we think, how we feel, how we describe every aspect of our lives contributes to our own narrative and likewise the narrative of our world.

Be cautious about your choice of the narrative you create — be vigilant in how you proceed in both successes and struggles when choosing words to define and describe all that surrounds you.

We can change our individual worlds and the entire world together — let us set about the narratives that will guide us!

Signed, Teréza Eliasz-Solomon – June 2022