Daily Reminder – R, R, R!

Not at all easy on many days. Not always something we want to do but it must be done for to do otherwise will ruin that day and make more difficult the days that follow. What is this magic thing I refer to? Read on my friends.

As with so many things it is both simple and complex. Alas is not all of being alive both? We human beings are capable of handling these extremes – well most of us are. So here is and remember we really have no other choice.

Each day it is incumbent upon us to RESTORE, RENEW, REJOICE and when we find doing these things difficult we must reach out to those who will help us and we must do the same for others who are struggling!

Signed, Teréza Eliasz-Solomon, May 2022

This is the ONLY Option, 2022!

Simple and complex:

It is quite simply our only choice now for to do otherwise will have each person, the world in jeopardy.

Indeed one must be attentive to self and to those close to them – family, friends, colleagues and neighbors … And then, with effort and focus be concerned and actively caring about the greater we — we the people, we the beings who inhabit this world.

Truth is no person is an island and modernity has happily increased our ability to connect with anyone and everyone however with that comes a responsibility to be vigilant and active about supporting and protecting each other in our joined communities!

Signed, Teréza Eliasz-Solomon, May 2022

Want to be REALLY Chic?

So here is the situation – being kind and caring does NOT mean you are weak. It never means you will not fight back against miscreant types but it does mean you will be the person most likely to be remembered for helping other people feel good about their lives.

Chic is a good thing. Chic is style in all the ways you look, speak, act and communicate with people and all living things – in fact being chic is a feeling and an every day, every night experience!

Signed Me, Chic at 68 (2022) – Teréza

My clipart design, my photo at 68 and my statement about kind, caring being Chic!