Three Things to Remember!

Cliché—perhaps but no matter that because these three things really matter. These three things are a part of every person and are that which when remembered will help guide, comfort and sustain an individual.

The three are: Love, Life, World.

Love in all ways – for others, for ourselves, for nature and for every part of life is the key to being happpy to be alive no matter the circumstances being dealt with that day.

Life is a gift, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT gift. Life is always complex, often challenging but always worth having and always worth appreciating.

World is our home, the entire world our collective home. To recognize this fact is to feel both humble and grand for each of us as a resident of this world is granted the right to all it has to offer and no one should be allowed to deny any person their place in this world. It is up to each of us to protect that right for even our foes – never should one person be able to lessen another person’s place in this world!

These things I write are what I know to be true!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon

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