Take a Deep Breath and Smile

Yes it works — every morning when you wake up, stretch your body, take a deep breath and smile. Then do your thing — water, coffee, tidy up and definitely make your bed. And of course eat a healthy breakfast.

Many more things we each must do each and every day but the fact is if we start with a few simple tasks then all else needing our attention becomes easier.

Remember no matter where you are on any day, no matter the circumstances or situations you find yourself in or dealing with that day if you do something basic for you when waking up everything else becomes easier.

I know this is true and I live this way – have for decades and now at 68 continuing because it is even more important!

Signed, Teréza Eliasz-Solomon

Liberate Yourself

Simple and complex and necessary. Each of us every day, over and over again must liberate ourselves.

Liberate your mind – take back your time, give yourself permission to address the tasks, oppose those refusing to be fair and then only leave space in your mind for that which really matters to you.

Liberate your soul – take back the time and the effort you might have extended to people and things that do not allow your spirit to feel safe and free.

To be liberated does not mean ignoring issues or situations that are troubling but instead it means dealing with those things in a limited way and never using up all parts of your mind and soul that are meant for being healthy and happy!

Signed, Teréza Eliasz-Solomon

Three Things to Remember!

Cliché—perhaps but no matter that because these three things really matter. These three things are a part of every person and are that which when remembered will help guide, comfort and sustain an individual.

The three are: Love, Life, World.

Love in all ways – for others, for ourselves, for nature and for every part of life is the key to being happpy to be alive no matter the circumstances being dealt with that day.

Life is a gift, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT gift. Life is always complex, often challenging but always worth having and always worth appreciating.

World is our home, the entire world our collective home. To recognize this fact is to feel both humble and grand for each of us as a resident of this world is granted the right to all it has to offer and no one should be allowed to deny any person their place in this world. It is up to each of us to protect that right for even our foes – never should one person be able to lessen another person’s place in this world!

These things I write are what I know to be true!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon