So You Want To Be A SuperHero!

Leap tall buildings, fight off the space aliens, walk through walls to save trapped people, swim through shark infested waters — okay sure but there is a much easier way in 2021 to be a REALLY REAL SUPERHERO.

Can you guess what I am about to tell you, how each and every person can be an instant, without question REALLY REAL life SUPERHERO?

Getting FULLY Covid Vaccinated and wearing Masks and helping other people do the same is the REALLY REAL path to SUPERHERO status in 2021.

So it is, so it will be written that in 2021 the world was populated with the most wonderful and important REALLY REAL SUPERHEROES – each and every one of these people said yes to getting Covid Vaccinated, helped other people do the same and wore what SUPERHEROES wear, Masks – Masks that are a symbol of caring about other people!

My created clipart design, my message!

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