Be Cool, Be Hip, Be Covid Vaccinated!

Latest fashion, things that are trending, the it phone, the perfect Instagram photo. All these things and more make people feel cool and hip.

Now in 2021 there is something REALLY important to do in order to be thought of as a cool and hip person. Can you guess? No need to guess, I will tell you – it is getting FULLY Covid Vaccinated.

Yes indeed being Vaccinated helps demonstrates that a person is aware of what is happening and is smart enough to do the best thing for themselves and other people.

So it is if anyone wants the bragging rights, the accolades and the wow factor being a part of who they are and a part of how other people judge them, then getting FULLY Covid Vaccinated is the ONLY Option!

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So You Want To Be A SuperHero!

Leap tall buildings, fight off the space aliens, walk through walls to save trapped people, swim through shark infested waters — okay sure but there is a much easier way in 2021 to be a REALLY REAL SUPERHERO.

Can you guess what I am about to tell you, how each and every person can be an instant, without question REALLY REAL life SUPERHERO?

Getting FULLY Covid Vaccinated and wearing Masks and helping other people do the same is the REALLY REAL path to SUPERHERO status in 2021.

So it is, so it will be written that in 2021 the world was populated with the most wonderful and important REALLY REAL SUPERHEROES – each and every one of these people said yes to getting Covid Vaccinated, helped other people do the same and wore what SUPERHEROES wear, Masks – Masks that are a symbol of caring about other people!

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FULLY Covid Vaccinated ONLY Option NOW!

Yes indeed, ONLY Option as it is now well documented is for EVERYONE to be FULLY Covid Vaccinated, anything less will cause more people to become ill and die!

Until EVERYONE of ALL Ages are FULLY Covid Vaccinated the deadly pathogen, Coronavirus will to continue to mutate into a stronger and more easily spread contagion!

ONLY by having EVERYONE FULLY Covid Vaccinated is there any hope to end this current Pandemic!

Yes, Yes, Yes science and REALLY REAL documented facts are the ONLY Option for us ALL to move forward in life, to be healthy and to survive!

My own created clipart design and very important message!