Support, Kindness, Elevating Other People!

I know, the words in this essay I am writing are too often used as a sort of cliché – a Hallmark type card message.

Truth is these words matter – they always have, possibly now more than ever before because too many people are not doing these things and those people, for various reasons care not at all who they hurt, who they cause to struggle.

No matter for in each of us is the strength to push back against those not supportive, not kind, not willing to help elevate other people. We can do it in many ways, some demand actions based on what can be described as “technical” efforts or efforts demanding the assistance of those skill in protecting those people being targeted.

There is another way to push back. It is by being more of yourself, being your bold, brave and best self and being to others kind, supportive and always being willing to elevate other people!

I wrote this, I have experienced this and it helps me remember there are many good people in this world!

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