Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful!

You gotta be bold and brave in order to be beautiful in the most important ways. I believe this has always been true and that now more than ever these three B words seem to matter. Indulge me while as I attempt to explain why and how:

Boldness does not require meanness nor does it demand you to be determined to defeat everyone who causes you a moment or two of angst. In fact quite the opposite, smart people are bold in ways not easily noticed at every turn. We must remember to use out energy wisely and to use our power to create for ourselves and other people the most productive path forward, the desired outcome.

Brave is both an intrinsic and extrinsic quality – we often have no choice but to be brave, no other option exist in many life situations. When we find ourselves unable to be brave, it is then we must say to other people can you be that for me this day and when the time comes, as surely it will, I will be brave for you too.

Beautiful is what we become when boldness and bravery combine, when the beauty of our perseverance and our caring about other’s lives as we do for our own life is evident. To me the definition of a person who is seen as beautiful can be summarized as being am admirable individual who while not perfect, seeks to be better and more worthy of praise each and every day – one might call it being a beautiful work in progress!

Always being brave, bold, and striving to be a beautiful person in the most important ways!

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