Hyperbole NOT Needed!

Why mention hyperbole you might be thinking, the reason is — it has become a very important word because it is too much a part of the current public dialogue.

Hyperbole is what those seeking fame, those only posting, Tweeting or participating for that which will heighten their self esteem or possibly gain them the recognition they otherwise are not able to obtain are involved with – which they are involved with no matter the cost to other people, to the world.

On the surface this is of no consequence to other people, it is not anything to be thought about for more than a moment that might evoke a chuckle or eye rolling response. However these times are allowing the self aggrandizing, fame seekers to wrongly influence the most vulnerable and uninformed —even more important is these people are taking up the space in public dialogue needed for efforts to improve the many situations now confronting us all.

Now don’t get me wrong – becoming famous or being recognized for reasons best described as worthy of praise and respect — including talents in every aspect of life, including overcoming challenges, including writing or speaking about issues and topics that bring something of real value to the public arena – all these should bring recognition and yes even personal benefits. There is a very real difference between the throw anyone and everyone “under the bus”, willing to do anything to be accepted and famous and a person who because of real effort and real work and real life awareness are championed.

We all need to think not once, not twice but three times why we say, write or share ideas, opinions or concerns!