More We, Less Me

What exactly does more we, less me mean some might be asking — it does not mean losing oneself, neglecting oneself nor losing oneself — what it does mean is setting aside the only me is important attitude far too many have, far too many are consumed by no matter their suggestion of caring about other people.

There is a growing syndrome of self aggrandizement, fame seeking as the only goal in people’s life — never doing anything concrete, never helping other people in any tangible way but instead claiming concern for this or that issue in order to be accepted and praised.

These individuals could be defined as narcissistic, many are emotionally damaged and many claim harmed by others when in fact this never happened. Why is that important? It is important because these people take too much time away from those really in need of consideration and support. Not surprising is that these people actually express resentment for the those experiencing racism, homophobia, and other prejudices unless it is directed toward their identity.

It is easy to understand this truth through conversations with these people, reading their messages or social media posts. Truth is at no time did these “me” people help another person, care about any group in our society who are struggling with prejudices and worse … And when their own demographic is targeted they use the news of these incidents to gain empathy not warranted.

Ask them – did you march for justice, physically join in protest, donate or participate in helping those struggling to have food – no need to ask them, the answer is no because they never care about the WE but only their own ME.

Good news is these ME people never having staying power – eventually those connected to them grow tired of their selfishness.

How does this help other people? It does because it awakens many to the understanding that to be lacking in concern for the WE is to fail on every level!

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