Divisions NOT Working

The always present “those people” refrain — it is those not me, it is those not us when in fact as Covid has proven it really is all of us.

In life we seem to want an exception to ourselves — we try to push away any fault we might have and also too many are ready to blame another person. Caution must be the rule, in both blaming other people and allowing them to blame us.

So you might be thinking where does that leave us — it leaves us at a place where thought and consideration must be given to what is important, who is important and exactly how much are we willing to work in order to correct errors.

Certainly it is often necessary to leave a situation as is – not do anything but at other times the hard work of change is required.

I am fond of saying a lot of law is based on good manners – how we treat ourselves and other people. At no time should any of us be required to loose ourselves to please another person. However there are times, in our personal life and professional life and as a member of the larger community to set aside divisions for the greater good.

Each of us is powerful — each of us a force to end divisions. Now more than ever it seems necessary for us all to do exactly that — be a unifying force!