Love in the time of Coronavirus

There were wars, there were plagues, there were … there were and now today in 2020 there is the Coronavirus . Different and yet the same but only one thing has remained present throughout each and every human upheaval – love.

There is of course romantic love, intimate love – family, friends, casual perhaps – passing during shared times also important. We all have said or been told “I love you” in a this or that moment of unity with others … Ah and today, modernity has afforded us an even more easily gathered group to share love with – what is that surely you are thinking? It is social media – for all the complaints and for all the rather unsettling use by all us at times in an effort to be less than kind it is nonetheless a place where happily a community is often formed.

Now more than ever before and no doubt as will be in future times we humans can and must from every nation join together for support, sharing resources and fact based information about the Coronavirus that is spreading far and wide across the world … There is no demographic left unaffected. One of my own pet peeves is when people say, think “Well it is only those people being affected” – no, no, no this latest situation has once again as has other problems human kind dealt with taught us there is to be no discrimination.

So where does love come into this story – everywhere and quite naturally in fact. Both the obvious type we hopefully all have experienced and also that not normally acknowledged by most people – the love of all medical professionals, hospital staff of every sort as they care for the growing number of afflicted. Love from strangers counts too – it is my hope we all will be kinder to each other in our routine lives – a thank you, excuse me in a store or on the street and as this is election season in USA – stop the damn hatred and insults of any candidate – all have a right to their pursuit and all their supporters have a right to champion that person. Conversely love now as it always has means no more bullying and any past rants should now be forgotten – we must move on as a people and that means everywhere to the important realization that we really are in this thing called life together – and it must be love that wins!

Continues to be important — and so on and so on!!!