The Chin Hair

You know how it goes. For me hair freshly blowed dried, makeup perfect, nails shiny and bright, outfit outstanding and then … Then take a moment to check all in place en route to a meeting, appointment or event and what should appear in the mirror is one single very noticeable hair on my chin.

I am lucky as the person who shapes my brows monthly reminds me that I have never had much of an issue with the dreaded by women facial hair. Still being aware of how important tidiness is I carry a small tweezer in my always present small personal hygiene bag, being sure to switch to whatever pocketbook or briefcase carrying that day or evening. Alas there is not always the opportunity to pull that hair only noticed once on the way to my destination – what is one to do or in the case of a man who notices he missed a spot while shaving. What one does is this – shoulders back, head up and forward with pride and determination.

You might be asking why this is even worth writing about … Oh my you see in that question is the answer or perhaps more importantly the truth of our lives from the time of the ancients until and including present days. Each of us at times is made to feel apprehensive based on the ill conceived notion of what matters and what others see as important. This is not a suggestion to ignore anything small or large, certainly I do not but what I am attempting to explain here is that should there be a time when the occasion arises where a less than perfect you must move toward a goal then do it – do it with the confidence of royalty for you are indeed the ruler of your kingdom when you understand no one’s opinion matters as much as your own strength!

Note: This is Part I of a two part essay “The Chin Hair”