Finding Kindred Spirit with Gloria Vanderbilt!

I can not quite remember when I first knew about Gloria Vanderbilt. My Mother admired her as well as many others in my young life. Gloria was beautiful but so much more – strong and tenacious with a determination to not allow anyone to define her – that is very much the same as what my parents taught me would lead to a full and happy life.

One Summer in the 1980s at a friend’s parents beach house I read the book, Trio written by Aram Saroyan who is the son of one of the three women in this book – one was Gloria and after that I found all written by her and about her. She was an author, artist, designer, wife, mother, philanthropist and a survivor. We all know about her jeans but sadly not as many have read her books or viewed her art work – one piece which my husband and I still hope to somehow own. I followed her on Instagram and private messaged her praise and appreciation.

In my own life I say there have been more sorrows than some but many less than most and the blessings have been spectacular – I believe the kindred spirit I felt to Gloria was because her life seemed similar. No doubt my determination to never say no to opportunities or new life plans – to be thought by many much younger than my now sixty five years is as was the life of the young in every way ninety five year young Gloria Vanderbilt when she left this world – of course she did not really leave for there are her books, art and son and us her fans who she taught so much. Thank you beautiful lady for inspiration and lessons, I will not forget you Gloria Vanderbilt!