Introducing Teréza Style ™ — Actually Me, Feminist Fashionista !

This is my new/2nd blog. The first,, focuses on politics, law, history, science, current events & such … more cerebral? Not REALLY; For is not the issues of lifestyle choices, whether involves fashion, decor, design, food, architecture & such a matter of considered thought and often scholarship as well? All or a few of these things indeed result in what should be a REALLY well balanced life if one is to achieve true happiness and contentment. No matter our origins or circumstances there are innate and decisive choices made that result in the totality of our existence.

I am a proud to be 60 year young  feminist fashionista … here I hope to offer personal opinion and insight, as well as some well chosen advise that will often include experts on all that matters to how each of us live. Hoping to help and inspire the cultivation of style and a presence in the world that allows for comfort and joy each and every day. Additionally, through my own life long extensive travels a knowledge of other people and places … how others have something we can learn from and appreciate. My essays will cover clothes and accessories, makeup, cosmetic procedures, exercise, home furnishings and restaurants, theater, museums and even sports venues. There will be more … my wish is to present an intrinsic and almost visceral representation of all that makes a life REALLY worth living.

In my family we often joke that along with many other determined approaches and life philosophies my parents wanted to instill an appreciation of what it meant to be ECLECTIC … so please join me as I offer on a regular basis just that – a varied and vast wealth of experience and information that equals REAL life. Here we go!!!