More Thinking, Less Reacting!

Always has been an important part of living well and now more than ever in consideration of the many ways we humans can communicate it is a needed way to go about our lives. What is this I am suggesting? It is thinking before reacting and at times thinking instead of reacting to the too often misleading and mostly full of hyperbole ideas those who seek self aggrandizement are messaging to us all. I could easily and with full documentation, in their own words give a few of the names — the names of individuals who obviously do not take the time to review their rants, to be sure of the veracity of what they say or write, who have as their only goal some sort of fame and who care not at all that you, me will be made less happy, less likely to attend to our own lives while using our time to support their own reactionary actions.

Of course there is the personal relationship to taking the time to think before we react in our daily lives. A situation might occur, an interaction with another person happens leading us to push back, act out before REALLY thinking about the facts, about how much or not the situation actually calls for our response. Being prudent, hesitancy seems best — taking a deep breath and always being sure to ask ourselves IS IT, THIS REALLY WORTH MY TIME and ENERGY?

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.


Why They Fought — Memorial Day Goal!

Here in this land of a great and truly unique experiment called democracy, here in a place that continues to be imperfect but not defeated, here where the act of recognizing faults and flaws is an ongoing task, here where so many work hard to better the lives of others, here where ALL peoples are given the idea that anything is possible and then go about making it a reality in their own life. Here where second and even third chances are possible, in this place named The United States of America let it be where joining together as brothers and sisters no matter differences, together in unity is now and forever more the path toward REALLY honoring those who serve on this Memorial Day!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. Memorial Day, May 2023.

Being Good Humans!

We all try … Well most of us do to be the best of everything to everyone but it is important to remember there is no need for perfection, there are always ways to improve AND likewise always reasons to say enough is enough. Too often when we fall short of being a good human we are eager, maybe too eager to correct the circumstances. Yes one should always attempt to reconcile, to right any wrongs, however this must never be a matter of berating oneself nor the other person or people involved in the situations. When we find the need to deal with, to navigate through the ups and downs of life perspective on what REALLY and truly matters must be considered!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Gardening … Mind, Body, Soul!

Be a positive idea planter … Promote in yourself and in others kind and loving thoughts. Yes one at times must and should address the problems in life — in our own lives and in the world however to bring false narratives and nonsensical, often unreasonable diatribes into the pursuit of justice is adding a poisonous activity to the goal of righting wrongs.

Do not allow your mind to fertilize weeds, give real effort to growing a healthy and beautiful self and in doing that the same will happen for those both near and far — for people most important to you and for the entire world!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.


My Breast Cancer Journey began Spring 2022. Soon, June or July 2023 my last reconstruction surgery will be scheduled. I hit the jackpot — my diagnosis and prognosis the best possible. There has been a few set backs concerning building my new breasts and so it is that after my June 2022 double mastectomy there has been additional surgeries needed. So you might be thinking why is this essay tilted “Hands”? Of course I am eager to explain.

Throughout this health journey — from my finding the lump, the many tests, the frequent doctors appointments and multiple surgeries and other procedures there has been someone to hold my hand — both literally and figuratively. Yes family and friends and also nurses and doctors, other medical staff. At times without speaking a word I would stretch out my arm, extend my hand and someone present in the examination room, the pre or post surgery areas also without speaking a word would take my outstretched hand into theirs.

There has been both metaphorical and physical hand holding that has aided me in this beautiful journey – yes beautiful because I have grown to be more so the woman who I hope to be and because as the seven year old in my family says so well — I have gained new REAL life friendships. And there is this — the friendships already a part of my life have grown stronger!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Really Listening Matters!

Are we … Do we … REALLY listening to one another, to our own words and thoughts? Maybe at times we do listen and often in ways that truly matter but it seems more and more the constant noise, the self serving diatribes from all sides leave each of us as individuals without the desire, the impetus to listen carefully. Listening with full attention has always been important — now in these days of so much available real and not real information about every topic it is demanded of us to become skilled listeners!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Morning Gratitude 1, 2, 3

I promise you it works — I tell you from personal experience when you wake up no matter the place or circumstances if you do these 3 things with a feeling of gratitude then every part of that day will be made better. Breath, stretch, think good thoughts!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.

Thankful is My Vibe!

No matter the place, no matter the situation my every morning wake up vibe is being thankful for that new day … I rise with gratitude during the less than perfect times and during the best of times and then I proceed to do all that is needed with a feeling of appreciation for being alive!

Teréza Eliasz-Solomon. May 2023.