Tools 🧰 For Centering Self!

It takes both internal and external stuff — tools, things, feelings, rituals and activities. All this and more needed each day, every night in order for each of us to achieve a balanced and healthy in every way life.

I have many tools — internal and external as well. Not any one item, no singular technique is the perfect answer to achieve peace, calm, strength needed for a successful life. Decide what suits you best, be open to possibilities and never ever allow anyone else to dictate what you need.

My parents taught us their children, later grandchildren and what I have taught to our younger family members — it is to be eclectic and willing to embrace all things that inspire, that enlighten and that help bring fullness to life!

Be these things … As much as possible!

Not always possible, often not easy but definitely worth trying to be, as much as possible calm, brave, focused and of course your own FABULOUS self.

When you find it too difficult ask for help and remember to offer the same support to other people when they struggle.

Not a useless cliché — worth repeating that only by seeing everyone as a whole person, a person who may have the same concerns as you or at the very least knowing we are not entitled to dismiss the situations around us as nonsensical if they don’t affect us personally.

So it is that each of us are meant to be present in our lives in ways that bring us comfort and joy. I believe part of that is being calm, brave, focused and our individual, special kind of FABULOUS!

Embrace it — Love it!

What is it? It is being your perfectly and unapologetic imperfect own flawed wonderful self. Work toward goals, strive to improve, make corrections when warranted but never ever seek to be anyone else’s idea of what the perfect you should be — that wouldn’t work and fact is it will lessen your unique qualities!

Signed Me, Loving My Imperfect Self — Teréza

Does it make me sound too Pollyanna — ?

Me – Optimistic yes, positive thinking yes, action oriented definitely but not naive and certainly not a Pollyanna type person.

Understanding life, experiencing struggles and dealing with challenges has never left me without an awareness that being alive always matters. Life itself is the gift, everything else is an extra part of each day, each night and often includes hard work — work in many forms.

I often say, I frequently write I have had more blessings than most people AND I have had more struggles than many people… All of it has been EXTRAORDINARY!

La – Di – Da

No not a vacuous idea. No not a sign of an uncaring person and definitely no it is not a sign of someone unaware of situations causing pain to self or other people. In fact quite the opposite because in contrast it is those people who feign concern for every breaking news topic who are not being genuine nor willing to do the heavy lifting to make the world a better place. So yes thinking, feeling and saying La-Di-Da is at times the most perfect way to proceed!


REALLY think — not react, not accepting exaggerated or false narratives. Never indulging in self aggrandizing rhetoric to promote an idea. If no longer true, if proven to be an error, not relevant or harmful without being truly important than say no, no, no to allowing it into your thoughts, your words.

Turn away from the hyperbole, the rants that present no solutions — be safe in how you proceed. Be vigilant about what is really true, even when dealing with your enemy for if you exaggerate a foe’s faults then your own veracity is questionable. We ALL must have a sort of internal parent who directs us to and from those thoughts and actions that will in the final analysis harm us and those people most important to us!